What is CompEval:

  • CompEval is a service that assists users of air blowers in visualizing the potential for energy optimization. It is a real-time platform that collects data and converts it into visual representations of energy savings for both the air blower and the surrounding processes.
  • CompEval includes hardware components for real-time data collection, including sensors and transmitters, ensuring that all relevant data points are measured accurately to provide a comprehensive energy overview.
  • Our team also offers consultation, training, and guidance on how to improve your processes and determine the best investments for implementation.
  • Furthermore, we provide financial support to validate and document the Return on Investment (RoI) for your energy optimization efforts.

Where Can CompEval Help:

Here and Now (Short term):

  1. Proactive visualize the potential Energy savings by optimizing equipment before investment via digital twin of actual and best practice.
  2. Optimizing old equipment to be more efficient and providing clear validation of payback time based on energi savings.
  3. After installation, validating if there is an offset in performance due to overdesign or other influencers.
  4. After replaced equipment, Validate energy savings of optimized equipment with replaced. to confirm promised values.

Long Term:

  1. Over the years, we can validate areas of improvement within the process.
  2. Long term changes can be visualized by trend curves not visable in daily basis 

Condition-Based Maintenance:

  1. Proactive visualization of servicing the equipment, which influences power increase, due to clogging or other wear that affects energy consumption.


CompEval was developed and launched, with the primary goal of visualizing potential energy optimizations and providing insights into equipment performance during operation.

Recognizing the significant challenge in helping clients validate true savings, as real-time data on performance was typically unavailable, CompEval set out to address this issue.

For many users, air blowers are akin to black boxes, particularly in terms of understanding their performance and achieving the most efficient energy consumption. It's a common scenario that machines are installed and then left untouched until a failure occurs. CompEval seeks to shift this mindset, advocating for continuous awareness of performance and the optimization of equipment during operation.


With over 15 years of experience working with air blowers and the surrounding processes, we have developed a service that benefits end users, consultants, and suppliers by providing real-time validation of energy usage in existing setups.

I'm Kristian

An Engineer with focus on economical sustainability.

Improvement is ingrained in my DNA. With a strong engineering background in the energy sector and over 15 years of experience in the compressor business, I have come to realize that the key to unlocking the full potential of improvement lies in focusing on the entire solution package rather than individual products.

In today's complex world, data serves as the new visualizer, enabling us to amalgamate all relevant parameters into a single, comprehensible source of information. This empowers you to make informed judgments and reach well-founded conclusions about where to direct your efforts, how to go about it, and whether the pursuit is indeed worthwhile. Decisions become clearer, and the path to improvement becomes more evident when data guides the way